PSTrack Portal

Making vessel tracking more than just a dot on the map

PSTrack is a fully managed vessel tracking and monitoring solution specifically designed for organisations in maritime security.  Uniquely combining fleet tracking with a vessel reporting system, PSTrack will be your one stop portal for all your needs.

With a fully supported service 24/7, customisable features, nothing to install on the vessel and flexible long and short term contracts on offer, PSTrack is a must have.

Vessel Tracking
At PSC we understand that your vessel location is a priority, that’s why PSTrack supports several tracking options including Sat C, D+, Satellite AIS, Sat Phones, Portable Tracking Units and Covert Tracking Units.  However you wish your vessel to be tracked we are more than willing to help.

Through PSTrack your vessels current position and historical track are displayed on the map along with full details of longitude, latitude, course and speed.  Easily change the polling intervals when your vessel enters / exits the HRA with intervals ranging from 4 to 96 polls per 24 hours.  Or if it is just a one off extra poll you require just click the manual poll button!

Has your vessel and operations department for a planned route?  Add it to PSTrack so your operations department can see the vessel track against the planned route.

Multiple routes and passage plans can be generated together with corridors of variable widths in nautical miles.  Customise your routes with your own description, different colours and the option to turn on /off on the PSTrack map.

Sat C email
Being able to contact your vessel is as important as knowing the location.  The email option on PSTrack will transmit a short plain text Sat C email directly to the terminal on the bridge, bypassing standard email systems which can often be blocked or delayed.  All Sat C emails sent are available for you to view along with status and delivery time.

Vessel Notes
We appreciate that several departments within your company may be using PSTrack and sometime information may need to be shared internally – the Vessel Notes area is extremely useful for doing just that.  Attach notes, documents, images and scanned documents to a vessel for easy reference.

Area Zones & Alerts
Although the locations of the High Risk Areas and IRTC are well known in the maritime industry we know that every company can require their own custom area zones.  PSTrack enables you to personalise the map your way – add your own custom areas, give each area a different colour, apply alerts to notify you and your company when a vessel enters / exits the area along with the ability to turn the zones on / off at the click of a button.

Open source piracy alerts are viewable on the PSTrack map with the option for you to add your own if you require.  As with area zones you control this feature by turning on / off at the click of a button.

Vessel Information Management
Incorporate your company’s existing forms and reports into our unique document management software – VIM.  Offering a unique solution for the management of document creation, distribution, storage, archiving and reporting both on board and ashore including SSAS, Noon, Arrival and Departure, Fuel, Crew List, plus many more.  With all the forms having controlled data input, accuracy can be greatly improved and time reducing.  On board the vessel there is an encrypted archive of all the reports transmitted as well as all reports being stored on shore for 6 years.

For a performance overview you can access the dashboard which provides a graphical overview of the vessels recent speed and course over a preselected time period.  Additionally the dashboard will display key data from your VIM reports, such as fuel consumption, bunkers ROB, engine average RPM and sea conditions.

Other Features

  • Web Links
  • Export historical tracking reports to Excel
  • Weather – wave height, period and wind direction