PSDial gives you the ability to make cost efficient international and satellite telephone calls from anywhere in the world – landline or mobile.  With a tariff that is updated monthly you can be confident you are always receiving the most competitive rates.

Calls from your landline can be automatically routed via PSDial or if you would prefer, a prefix code can be provided so you can decide which calls you would like to route through PSDial.

Using PSDial on your smartphone could not be easier with a range of downloadable apps available for Android, Blackberry and iPhone which automatically access our service whether you are in the UK or abroad.

International Inbound Numbers
We can provide international inbound numbers for over 80 countries, giving your company global presence.  These calls will be automatically forwarded to a phone of your choice – landline or mobile, UK or international.


Inbound Call Service
Our Inbound Call Service provides online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and management tools making it the ideal solution for businesses requiring a 24/7 telephone service when not in the office. Using our online portal or mobile app you can set up call plans then see how many calls your business is receiving, how many are answered and how many are missed.  Inbound also provides a ready-made business continuity solution.  You can instantly direct calls to another location, either manually or automatically.

Tailored Call Plans
Build an unlimited number of call plans according to your business operating hours and modify instantly in accordance with your changing business needs.  Schedule call routing in advance according to your business hours and call handling preferences.  Use call divert options to maximise your call handling potential and provide improved service to your customers.

Call Statistics
Easily interpreted graphs of your inbound call statistics helps you track calls and enhance your marketing.  Snapshot data provides you with results of call handling efficiencies enabling you to make informed decisions.

Optional Extras Call Recording
Secure online access to all recordings of your incoming calls, ideal for customer service or audit purposes.  Call recordings are saved on our system for 6 months along with an option to download.

Choose to retrieve voicemails online or by email with .wav file attachments.  A great way to maintain records and audit trails for callers’ messages.

Inbound App
The Inbound App provides access to key inbound functions enabling you to make changes whilst on the move.